Greetings, wannabes..

Posted on April 22, 2011


     I bet you’re sitting there at your computer, wondering, “How do I stop being a wannabe and start being cool?” Okay, maybe you don’t quite consider yourself a wannabe (even though you probably totally are), so your inner dialogue is more along the lines of, “How do I stop being uncool and start being cool?” or maybe even “Hey, there’s no way THIS GUY (that’s you) can possible any fresher. But there’s no hurt in looking..” (If your name isn’t Will Smith but you still use the word ‘fresh’, then you probably need help more than you think). No matter what you’re thinking, case and point, the result is the same- you want to be a little cooler. How do I know this? Well, you’re viewing this site, aren’t you? Unless some creep has tied you to a chair and forced you to read this website (which, for me, might be optimistic- at least my blog has reached some kind of an audience, even if it’s an audience of creeps..), you’ve come here by you’re free will, even if it was primarily induced by boredom.

     This leaves me with a predicament- here I am, with a snazzy new blog name, a twitter, and an email address, all of which imply some sort of a self-help theme, and possibly even an audience seeking improvement and entertainment… how do I make use of all of these tools? To be honest, I’m just a wannabe like the rest of you (which really explains why I’m writing this blog… what better way to become popular than to write a blog where my identity is utterly anonymous and I can attempt to hide the loser than I truly am! A master plan from a master loser). But the point is, I’m a resourceful (!) wannabe. So here I am, to bring you the news on what cool people do out in the real world, based on my findings. My hope is that you can take my information and channel it into your lives so you can be cool, too. Maybe.

     This presents a second predicament. There actually aren’t all that many genuinely cool people out there. Turns out, we’re all kind of loser-ish. So here is my blog, taking the cool-ish things I find and propping them up to seem more cool… or even possibly breaking them down to expose the “ish” in their cool. If this doesn’t make you feel better about your cool-lessness, maybe you can at least get a laugh out of my musings- and if we’re lucky, after a while I might gather enough data for us all to be really, truly, cool….ish.

     -Wilma Wannabe
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