Troicki Gets Testy at the French Open

Posted on May 31, 2011


At the end of the big match of the day, the Serbian Victor Troicki versus Englishman Andy Murray, all that anyone seems to be able to talk about is the ball boy.

Troicki bewildered at the interference from the ballboy during his pivotal match at the French Open

Now, this may seem strange if you didn’t tune into the match. In a strange turn of events, just as Troicki ran to slam the ball high into the air in a breathtaking shot that no pro would be able to return, the ball boy ran across the court to grab the same ball that he thought had gone into the net. Little did the ball boy know that the ball had actually made it over the net and Troicki planned to hit hit, taking him straight into the ball boy’s path and practically knocking him over. Like a puppy with a tail between his legs, the boy (who probably wasn’t a day over 13 years old) scurried back to his spot. Unfortunately, the damage was done. His interference was noted, and after a small tiff between the referee and Troicki, it was decided that the point would have to be replayed, despite fact that Troicki clearly would have won the point with or without ball boy interference. Murray went on to went the replayed point, giving him a score of 15-0 in the fifth set.

Ball boy visibly upset after his big blunder

To make matters worse, this particular match was being played today as a continuation from last night. The two men were unable to finish their match the night before, given how close the match was thus far (traditionally, matches don’t last longer than 3 or 4 sets, for all you non-tennis fans). Tensions ran high as the match got started this afternoon, and the young ball boy’s mistake was enough to send Troicki’s agitation into overdrive: a few points later, the ball went rolling towards Troicki, and the same ball boy scurried after it, still eager to do his job despite the big mistake. Troicki cruelly kicked the ball away from the boy in a small gesture of irritation, giving the crowd a reason to nearly boo him off the court. Troicki later won that set, possibly making him feel terrible for his very poor sportsmanship.

The rest of the game was played as normal, but it became clear that Troicki’s skills were a little off from his small tiff. Murray went on to win the match, giving both the ball boy and the crowd a small sign that karma does actually apply to tennis games.

In my opinion, Troicki’s little move may have actually been a little smart. In all the fuss of talking about  what bad sportsmanship he showed today, people may actually forget about his loss.

-Humored Helga

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